General Facts

  • Create a New Keystone Login Account – Registration
    • Click Register and enter all of the information into the fields with a red asterisk (*) next to them.
      • You will be asked to create your profile, login information and security questions.
    • If you have already created an account with another agency whose application uses the Keystone Login Service, you do not need to register another account with us.
    • If you create a Keystone Login account with us, you will be able to use this account with other agencies that use Keystone Login.
      • Some additional information may be required for those agencies.
  • Keystone Login Services
    • There are many account options that can be configured for your Keystone Login account. Please see the help documents provided by the Keystone Login Service
    • Keystone Login account assistance or password resets, please contact the Keystone Global Help Desk at 877-328-0995
  • If you need application technical assistance, please contact the DCED Customer Service Center Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5PM at 800-379-7448


What's New?
For an overview of the changes in the new Single Application,
please read Help.